Repairs, Maintenance and Remedial Work

Repairs, Maintenance and Remedial Work

Fitting your chosen windows and doors is only part of the job for us. We do what we can to help to make replacing your windows and doors as easy an experience for you as possible.

Sometimes you need work doing to your home before we can start fitting, for example widening a window aperture or opening up a wall for bi-folding doors. We can manage that work for you so that you have a seamless process from start to finish, and don’t have the bother of trying to co-ordinate different tradesmen.

We also ‘make good’ where needed after the windows and doors are fitted. So we plaster where necessary, repaint any chips or plastered areas, and even hang your curtains back up! And, even though we are careful to put dust-sheets everywhere we will hoover and sweep up any mess, both inside your house and out. In short, we leave your house as we would want to find ours.

If at any point you need any repairs done to your windows and doors, whether fitted by us or not, we’ll be happy to provide a professional service for you. We will check, first of all, whether the repairs are covered by our insurance-backed guarantees, and if not give you an accurate and complete quote for the work.

If you need any repairs, maintenance or remedial work for your windows and doors please do not hesitate to contact us.

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